We Are What We Surround Ourselves With

Have you ever looked around and found really arrogant and annoying people that don’t contribute much to the greater good, other than to value-add to the ever increasing negativity that already permeates throughout society?

I have. There are plenty of them everywhere:

1) Rich and Arrogant: This group of people have typically been born into a family with a golden spoon shoved up their asses. They lack sensitivity to most things (cultural, etiquette, emotional) that are common sense to others. We can’t really blame them as they lack the experiences to be able to empathize with the lower class. They are easily identifiable by their condescending tone, and the way they roll their eyes at people they believe are inferior to them.

2) Beautiful and Gorgeous: This group of people are pleasant to look at. In fact, one generally wouldn’t mind to look at these subjects all day. However, upon interaction, one feels an inherent urge to bathe themselves in concentrated sulphuric acid. The narcissism emanating from these people would surprise you that their heads aren’t actually physically shoved up their asses. They too are easily identifiable: from the way they believe that it is their god given right to look down upon ugly things.

3) Exploited and victimized: This group of people are the most common. They could be your friends, family, and colleagues at work. ESPECIALLY your colleagues at work! These are the people who lack the ability to take charge of their own lives, and therefore choose to blame everything on circumstance. One can easily identify a specimen from this group, simply by letting them open their mouths. When they sart blaming everything but themselves for the situation they’re in, BOOM this person belongs to Group 3.

There are other groups that similarly, value add to society in the same ways. However, I believe in Paretto’s 80/20 rule. And these 3 groups contribute to about 80% of the world’s most irritating people.

So one might question how did things turn so far south for the younger generation?

With television and the Internet, false concepts of beauty and perfection has been forcefully etched into the minds of our young, giving them a misconceived notion of what beauty and perfection truly are (not to say that I know what they are). And with Hollywood films, television shows, and media ads propagating the need to strive for such perfection, can anyone really blame the youths for turning out the way they did?

For example, the recent Hollywood hit, Gangster Squad, was bloody awesome. It had the classic touch, with the right amounts of action, violence, weapons, and romance. Oh, and they also featured Ryan Gosling in almost every single scene with either a cigarette in his mouth, or lighting one up. And boy was he hot in the movie. I mean, as a guy, I’d DEFINITELY wanna aspire to be like him. And HE was the one who managed to get the chick at the end of the movie. I mean seriously, if that’s not perfection, what is? I deftly proceeded to smoke a cigarette after the movie ended. Damn I’m cool.

Now one might say: “oh come on! Hollywood films are overly embellished! No one buys into that bullshit paradigm of perfection anymore!”. Sure it’s embellished. Though I’m not all that sure if people don’t lap up that stuff like a dehydrated horse, drawn to water.

Well, I guess it’s most telling in the things that people post onto their Social Media feeds. I’m assuming that if an individual posts a million photographs of meals that cost $40-$60 onto their Instagram feed, it’s something that they see as something worth sharing. And you know what? These people don’t value FOOD as something worth sharing. They value EXPENSIVE FOOD as something that’s worth sharing. Same goes for all the handbags and shoes and dresses… Oh the horror! With this, Social Media has made comparisons easy (don’t tell me you have never opened the Facebook profile of a friend and thought to yourself: thank God I’m (can be replaced with “handbag, shoes, dress, clothes house, holiday, boyfriend, girlfriend” etc etc) better looking than she is; or Shit! She’s better looking than I am!).

Lastly, humans have a strange propensity to be drawn to pain and suffering, resulting in massive amounts of tweets/ Facebook status updates revolving around how miserable each and every one of these individuals are. The most miserable posts tend to receive the most likes, with a million and one friends who empathize or compare with the former’s situation! What’s worse is when these complaints are disguised behind big words, or are laced with sarcasm, making the post seem more intellectually inclined – hiding the excuse for the individual to be a whiney little fucktard.

And here’s the saddest part: it is so damn easy to blend in and join this crowd. It is so damn easy to strive for the perfection as depicted by Hollywood and your peers. And the minute you choose to have your life revolve around these things, it’s just a matter of time before you turn into one of them! Or maybe you’re already one of them now.

If you already are, then for the love of god! stop! Go find some real friends! Seriously, there are better things to do in life than to take pictures of every single meal that you eat, and every single bag that you buy, then proceed to flaunt them to everybody you know.

Are these the things that you truly value in life? Or are there other more meaningful things that you can share with others?

 Think about it.